The Mokena Fire Protection District participates in a rapid entry key system for all commercial buildings within our jurisdiction. The commercial Knox Box program requires the installation of a key manufactured by the Knox Company. Knox Box key boxes are safe, secure, and UL tested. The Knox Box program is also available for residential applications

The Residential Knox Boxes are a short term answer for residents living at home who may need emergency medical assistance. In the case of a medical emergency when the occupant is unable to get to the door, or residential fire alarm is sounding while no one is home; responding Fire District personnel can access the Residential Knox Box and enter the residence to render assistance while avoiding forced entry and property damage. Afterwards, prior to leaving the dwelling, the house key is re-secured in the Knox Box by Mokena Fire District personnel.

The Residential Knox Box program allows for rapid entry by Mokena Fire Protection District Emergency Personnel to buildings through placement of keys to the buildings in the Knox Box key boxes; the key boxes are accessible to the Mokena Fire Protection District personnel only. The master keys to the boxes are electronically secured in all Mokena Fire Protection District vehicles with a "Key Secure System" and released only through the insertion of a specific code.

The Mokena Fire Protection District is happy to assist those residents looking for a Residential Knox Box. If you would like further information or assistance ordering, please contact the Mokena Fire Prevention Bureau during regular business hours, Monday through Friday at (708) 479-5371