The Mokena Fire Protection (MFPD) employs:

  • 30 - Full-Time Firefighter/Paramedics
  • 4 – Full-Time Administrative Staff (Chief, Assistant Chief, and Fire Marshals)
  • 2 – Full-Time Administrative Professionals

The MFPD supports and maintains:

  • 3 – 24-hour a day, staffed Fire Stations
  • 1 – Maintenance Facility
  • 4 -  Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances
  • 3 – ALS Fire Engines
  • 1 – 100’ Aerial Ladder ALS Fire Truck
  • 1 – Foam Unit​
  • 3 – 4-Wheel Drive Brush Fire/Utility/Snow-Control Vehicles
  • 1 – All Terrain Brush Fire/EMS Response Vehicle
  • 1 – Maintenance Response Vehicle
  • 1 – Utility Van
  • 1 – Antique Fire Engine
  • 1 – Hose Cart
  • 4 – Administrative Support Vehicles

The MFPD receives money for its operational budget from Property Tax, Building Permit Fees, Fleet Maintenance Repair Fees, Grant Funds, Class Registrations, Ambulance Billing Fees, and other Miscellaneous avenues.

Since the 2008 Tax Levy, the MFPD has experienced a dwindling Equalized Assessed Valuation (EAV); the MFPD has no part in setting the EAV, the EAV is set by the Township Assessor. Any drop in the EAV directly affects what the MFPD receives in property tax; this has a direct correlation to the state imposed tax cap on the MFPD. Comparing the 2019 Tax Levy to the 2008 Tax Levy, the MFPD’s EAV has dropped tremendously ($39,305,762); this tremendous drop in the overall EAV has a negative impact on the MFPD’s operational budget.

Through Ordinance (see link to current Ordinance on this web-page), the MFPD attempts to recuperate funds from ambulance transports, through an Ambulance User-Fee, to partially account for the negative impact and the widening gap that the declining EAV has had on the operating budget.

Any Ambulance User-Fee billing to MFPD Residents is strictly reserved for funds received from Health Care Insurance; no MFPD Resident will be directly billed or be expected to pay for any Ambulance User-Fee out of pocket. Any Non-MFPD-Resident can request to be considered for financial assistance for their Ambulance User-Fee, by completing and submitting the Request for Financial Assistance form found on this web-page.

Below is information taken from a study of 116 Illinois Fire Departments/Districts released on February 5, 2020:

  • 114 (98%) charge a resident user fee
  • 115 (99%) charge a non-resident user fee
  • 114 (98%) charge for mileage

Below is an example of neighboring Fire Departments/Fire Districts who also charge an Ambulance user fee: (this is not an all encompassing list)

  • East Joliet Fire Protection District
  • Frankfort Fire Protection District
  • Homer Township Fire Protection District
  • Lemont Fire Protection District
  • Lockport Fire Protection District
  • Manhattan Fire Protection District
  • New Lenox Fire Protection District
  • Orland Fire Protection District
  • Palos Fire Protection District
  • Palos Heights Fire Protection District
  • Peotone Fire Protection District
  • Tinley Park Ambulance Service